I wanted to write this post so badly for one month. Not that I have been lazy, the problem is time management, but even if we manage time, we don’t realize what’s going on in our life, it’s like the hamster going around the wheel. That’s why Intelligent companies such as Amazon, Google try to provide with enough leisure to their employees to keep them happy and increase productivity, wise (Did I mention that? ). So by these few lines, you must have got the idea that breaks are critical for our life.
But the question remains how? Why? When?

Why do we need breaks?

The simplest answer is our brain can concentrate maximum for 120 minutes after that it’s like 20% efficient. It’s a muscle like any another the more you use it the faster it gets fatigued.
Psychology behind it
When so ever any kind of information is put into,the brain needs to get it processed, and store it .for that it need to stop from getting more info otherwise its needed up. So giving it break makes it relaxed and prepare for the new info
You are aware of the general ones listening to music, going for a walk, watching TV. But don’t you think these aren’t really effective in keeping our brain calm. Here is the detailed analysis
  • If you’re working or studying that requires focus and Do not touch the phone in your break time. Because you possibly need to work after the break and any electronic interaction decreases our concentration make us distracted and to regain the focus it needs 30 minutes
  • The activity you do in break depends on the time so if you have like 1 hour, then take a nap. It’s the best you could do for the brain
  • Have 20 minutes? Trying going our for a walk, stretch
  • And the wise people say mediate, and its difficult to focus so I would say to take help of mobile apps like aura and even they ask for some bucks well better to spend it in here then junk if you really care about
  • And my personal favorite is to do something recreational. Doodle, write (my case), DIY, playing the guitar, dancing, Anything that funk up your life. It’ll give you the joy and mind the peace.
 The 4-1-4 rule That is working for 25 minutes with small 5 minutes four times, then one hour break, again four times 25 minutes work.
Remember to get off from work at least once a week otherwise you’ll be consumed Have good sex, give yourself treats,buy gifts for yourself because ultimately breaks make us happy as well.

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