Growing up is a scientific process in which the physical and mental growth can be measured. By mental growth I mean the ability to understand things in educational way. But the maturity is still a thing which only comes with experience. And in my own experience College days is the main time you suddenly get mature.

College is an essential part not only for your career but also for building your personality and future. Once you go to college you are at an age of adulthood but still you have certain traits of a kid. Being 18 just doesn’t make you capable to handle the world alone without any hard times. Especially if you are going abroad to take your college education.

People travel thousands of miles away from their home to get higher education. They seek higher opportunities to gain success in their life. This tend to be one of the hardest decision for a person. Being away from the family alone makes it harder but it also makes you more confident. If going away from home, you are bound to struggle either emotionally or financially or sometimes both. It becomes hard as you feel like you just landed onto an alien planet. (OK! I exaggerated!) This becomes a whole new experience as you see a whole new place filled with unknown people from different culture, style, religion, language, etc. Also it becomes a challenge in the beginning to adapt into the new education system. Within one or two semesters you get used to the new style and system but still it will take you time to understand all the different accents of your peers and professors. There will be certain times when you feel alone and feel like there is no support. This feeling is normal and thus makes you stronger because you start getting used to it. Also, you learn how to manage your finances. Managing your finances is a main part of your college life and also for your future days. I remember my first year I spent so much money without thinking and then later I did regret it because I learnt that the money could have been saved and used somewhere useful. But we all make mistakes, that is what teaches us lessons.

Growing up we face so many hardships as I mentioned earlier was just a segment. Talking about just those, they alone teach us so many lessons for life. All these hardships have a benefit that is it makes us mature and ready for the future challenges. At times one also sacrifice our luxurious lifestyle and for the time live practically and in the budget. It makes us live our life in a more independent way. Not only in our lifestyles we make changes, but also in our education and career. We tend to get more serious and passionate about our studies.

During this time one also go through some personality changes. Our mind starts analyzing situations in a more practical way and at the same time controls the emotions. Staying away from home, from family, alone gives us a boost to our confident because we think to yourself that no matter what we have to do it. We get reluctant to do the task our self without anyone’s help and thus such experience boosts our confidence.

I remember my first year was tough. Coming from India to the States seemed as a challenge to me as I was not at all confident about myself. I used to stammer while I spoke and used to get so nervous. I did not even order my own subway properly. But with time I learnt a lot and I am still learning. Now I am not the quiet person I used to be. And also emotionally I have become strong, did have ups and downs and still do but everyday I try my best to be strong and focus on the goal. I was never a studious student but now I do think about studying many times, though I am lazy. (I am working on it!) There have been times where I stumbled and was about to give up, but my family gave me support and hope for a better tomorrow. Though I am so far from mom, but thanks to the Video calling, I feel so connected to her because we share our hearts to each other. All this makes me feel it is worth the struggle.  

Studying abroad sounds a challenge but has great results. Your experience is yours and it is you who can bend it the way you want. Hardships are not the times to lose hope but times to learn and move on with life cautiously. To all my friends out there flying far from your families to study and make a future do not lose hope, every hardship and hard work will someday pay off. Your life will get better.

Never give up and lose hope.

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