It is Hard! No kidding. How many times have all of you searched or looked at all the glamorous pictures of models in sexy bikini or even their casual shots?? What do you say right away?


Some envy the body, some envy the hair, some envy the beauty? But WHY?
We do not accept us as who we are. Yes! That’s Right! We do not.

I have been no stranger to this feeling. I have a normal story which made me feel like this my whole life and maybe even today. I can not accept who I am. It is hard!

We all go through this. It is a normal Human nature. All while I grew up I was told how skinny and short and tiny I am that it made me feel bad about myself. I pity myself. I got into my teenage while all the girls got their sexy shapes I was still always the same. All I ever dreamed of was to be glamorous like every teenage girl. But I had hope that when I grew up I will become pretty. But everything doesn’t go how you want Does it?

Human body has types!!?

  • According to the article by JOEL SNAPE on september 1,2017 there are three types of body types:

Ectomorph: Lean and long, with difficulty building muscle
Endomorph: Big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat
Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells

Oftenly many people do not fall into a particular one body type, in fact are a mixture of two or sometimes three types.

Which type of body did you like or desire?

Let me guess?…


As all the people we admire, has a great body (muscular) and this body type naturally gains good muscle, thus makes it loved natural body type. They seem balanced in both the torso and the lower body. Plus++ they tend to be stronger.

What is an ideal Body size according to us or the accepted society.

According to , each female model has to be fit and have a standard measurements of 5’9’’ or taller, with a chest size 34’’, waist 24’’ and hips 34’’.

Now this sounds a perfect body stat !!

Well, It takes a lot of hard work to maintain such physique. People we admire work so hard.

And why do we even care to have a visual body when we are already healthy. To me it doesn’t matter, all one needs is to have a healthy body. It can be chubby, thin, etc.

Why do we feel this way?

  • There are many reasons to feel this way,
  • The society always complain !


You are slim, they will complain; you gain weight, they will complain; you are short, they will complain; you are tall, you know they will complain.

Not only complain society finds different ways to make you feel bad for yourself.

They will mock you, taunt you, etc.

They won’t just stop !!

  • Peer Pressure
  • Advertisements
  • Media (shows, movies etc.)
  • Beauty Pageants( now a days they started accepting all sizes)
  • Our mind which pity’s us.

Listening to everyone around us, we kinda start hating our body. We ourself believe we ugly. Everytime you see yourself in mirror you start noticing things which don’t even matter, example; “ My shoulders too broad ” , “My thighs are thick” , “My face has wrinkles” , etc


I have myself been there, done that. But at the end I got no happiness in criticizing myself. Then I realised instead of criticizing let’s be positive. If I myself can not accept myself the way I am, how can the society?

Today is changing;

I talked about how the media makes us feel this way, but on the other hand there are also many people using the same media to spread positivity. Many people conduct rallys, shows, etc. to spread awareness to people that you are beautiful.

We all are beautiful. God did not set a criteria for beauty, then why do we?

We should stop body shaming and be positive to everyone.

And please do not make fun of people. You do not know what they mentally go through due to the bullying, they might have some medical condition, and it is very very wrong to mock it.

At the end I would just say,

Love yourself the way you are.


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