The thousand of words we speak have almost no meaning on an average day, analyze it yourself, do people share gossip stuff with you like what Amanda did with her boyfriend or how is she is a bitch or about how was the party last night, definitely not to forget all those trendy swearing words used upon every other talk. But on the realization, I bet only 1% of what you speak matters or do have a purpose.

And coming to the universe and the complex ways of how it works, the words you speak, first and foremost has effects on you, then it re-affects your life.

So, just before any word goes out through your mouth it travels across the mind, that is, you think about it before speaking even just for milliseconds. And the same thought being said is just retelling or “re-affirming” to yourself. It has more effect than me telling you same thing twice back to back.

The words you speak produces vibes for you and the people around. And this way we create our own vibes. This was all an immediate effect.

But it’s been observed and take it as an invisible law.

“What we say, we attract, we get”. Think of it like this, you say something, taking each word as converted into corresponding frequency which we give to this world then it gets back to us in another form.

I won’t say to limit your conversations but change the way you speak and also think if you’re really making sense.

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