Not wasting time on why productiveness is important in life or why we need it. I think the best part of being productive is that it makes time for other fun activities which gets swept off in our daily life. And this article would be extremely helpful in leading your ideal productive life. And the cherry on top, these tips are enjoyable and simple at the same time.

Sleeping the day off

Make your next day plan and in detail before you go to sleep. Filling in all the time gaps, even if it is your break time. A golden advice for making a schedule is to start i from the end .

A moving body

Exercise or doing chores that involves your whole body, even 15-20 minutes in this, will leave you with a super active body and mind. Just an investment with wholesome benefits.

An end is needed

This is my personal favourite. Which made me productive twice and increased my concentration thrice. Giving an end or deadline time to the work or study that you have to do every day, will force you to focus more in the working hours, as you realize that you will work for the limited number of hours. Secondly, after the end time, provide yourself with a reward like watching your favourite series or texting or making good dinner.

Initially, it feels like you are wasting your time but this work the best in reality as we pretend procrastination by thinking we will do it later thinking of the infinite number of hours we have in a day.

Output analysis

At the end of the day, write the number of hours you actucally did the tasks you were supposed to perform. And the ones you culdnt , with stating the reason of it .

This simple habit of daily analysis will present you the distraction or major problems you face and definitely help in bringing up with the solution of it.

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