Humans are never happy with what they have or achieve. They always want more and more. Take the most recent example of something you might have bought, before having it you must be so excited and even for few days in its presence the happiness may have persisted but as time goes by its value decreases. And we move on for next thing.

The example I quoted is known as Materialistic happiness, the dress, shoes, TV, cars every other thing which we can buy with money. But it’s not true happiness. Most of the people don’t even realize that their lives only revolve around materialistic happiness only.

Fortunately, the Japanese have tried and researched on how truly you could achieve happiness from within. This formula is called IKIGAI

It literally means, “a reason for being”.

It is the intersection of

what you’re good at + what you love doing

To achieve this make a list of –

  • What you’re good at.
  • What you love doing.
  • What the world needs.
  • What you can be paid for.

This small list needs a lot of effort and a huge high amount of self-awareness. And in order to achieve this try as many experiences as you can get.

Make time for yourself and go on to a discovery of things you can do, be it teaching, experience it by doing with help of an online platform or doodling or learning instrument.

But what if it’s too late?

Who said you can’t have two jobs, try to get a small Ikigai apart from your hectic world. It does require a lot of time management but it will be worth it. Start from small.

For instance, you’re doing a 9-5 job after the daily routine dedicate some extra time at late night or early mornings (preferably) to try out these hobbies, learn out you are doing fine in it. Enjoying it. And the last step is to make earning from it. Big or small doesn’t matter. The purpose behind it is to stay committed and make it as a basic part of your life,

If everything goes well, who knows you may be ready to replace your old job with Ikigai.

Well, this is how most of the successful entrepreneurs are made.

Albert Einstein encourages us to pursue our curiosities. He once said:

“Don’t think about why you question, simply don’t stop questioning. Don’t worry about what you can’t answer, and don’t try to explain what you can’t know. Curiosity is its own reason. Aren’t you in awe when you contemplate the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure behind reality? And this is the miracle of the human mind — to use its constructions, concepts, and formulas as tools to explain what man sees, feels and touches. Try to comprehend a little more each day. Have holy curiosity.”

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