Starting the day determines how you spend it through. It’s difficult to start early but if it is to say bluntly, the ideal time to wake is 4 AM. If your morning starts at that time, you really are different from others. And what comprises the morning routine is the most significant part of the day.

At the moment you wake up till next four hours ahead your brain works at its 100% efficiency. So, you should know how to take advantage of it.

  • Meditate

    Just 15 minutes is enough. It will give a feeling that is out of this world. With other hundreds of benefits, the most important is you’ll start your day at a positively mindful note.

  • Exercise

    You expected this, didn’t you?. Again 15 minutes of it. But it should be part of your daily schedule. And you should keep changing your pattern of exercising, for example, one day Stretching the other yoga or run. This won’t make you feel bored.

  • Most important task

    If you’re studying do the most difficult or important task at this time. Or complete your job assignment if working. These early morning hours are best to put in the information to the brain and it enhances productivity by Thrice.

  • Good heavy breakfast

    Eggs, juice, oats or any heavy source of food will work. But it should be healthy and containing carbs. And it is highly recommended to include green tea to it.

  • Three words of gratitude

    Anytime between your work, remind yourself of three things each day that you’re grateful for and remembering why they mean this to you. This brings a sense of joy. It reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, from envy and resentment to frustration and regret.

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