Sleeping tight and right could be key to a beautiful, productive next day. So, treating our body and mind right could be a perfect reward for a good sleep.

What should your Night routine be like?

  • Cleaning the mess.

After whatever you have done. If it’s work, study or making food. Before sleeping make sure you clean up your mess for

  • Streching

Streching your body will make you feel relaxed. Thus, making it easier to fall asleep. Also there won’t be any problems to the back or the spine which we often experience as a result of improper body posture.

  • Reading

Reading a good book have a lot of affects on mind. More than just making you asleep faster, the things you read will be engraved on the subconscious mind which affects our thought making process. So, a good book before sleep is equal to great thinking.

  • Chamomile tea

    It’s an antidote for all the insomniacs out there. If you really care about sleep, just bring this to your home. It also depression, which is often linked with sleeping problem

  • Planning the day.

Planning the day prior will give you a purpose on why you have to wake up early in the morning. Leading you to rush into the tasks really quickly and smoothly.

  • No phones

You will not able to see the consequences but electronic devices really affects our brain. And a huge amout of alpha waves of our brain is blocked the radidiations of any electronic kept near while sleeping. With that using any device prior to sleep leads to insomnia and poor quality sleep because of the light affects our sleep hormones.

  • Journal

Oh. You will be going to love this part if followed properly. Journals are track of life. And at night you can write about your growth, where you can improve, what’s bothering you and track your days down. It is extremely beneficial to outgrow your life and character as a person.

  • Set alarm before.

Seeing all this activities as a routine in practicality needs half an hour atleast. But if it is important to you, you’ll make time. And ending with this –

Your sleep time should be the same for Saturday, Monday or any day of the year. That is why, try to make two alarms in your phone. One for sleep and one for this blog or to say, for your perfect night routine.

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