Willpower. Wait. Read it first then decide to believe it or not.

Willpower is the force that’ll help you achieve any of your goals. Take a look on the big picture what is the single most difficult trait that lead to any goal in this world – Discipline it is.

And to achieve discipline, to do the things that is right or to stop from listening to just momentary pleasure. We need willpower.

Think of it like this

Input = Willpower

Output = Discipline

Result = Our fulfilled goals.

Since many don’t know about the force behind discipline, they face lot of difficulties or failures achieving the discipline. As our willpower needs to be taken care of child. Fuel it, give time, be strict and then the results will come.

So We will cover this topic in two posts. Make sure you have read them both.

Reasons while willpower decreases?

Think about your daily life in general. The smallest to smallest decisions we make. From the clothes we choose to wear to the songs we listen. These require a choice of one particular thing upon another. So, for these decisions we do spend bits of willpower and then these bits become a big part.

So we can avoid these mini decisions from our life.

What to do?

  • By planning, we can pre decide what to eat, wear and cook. All the small things at once. And best time is to do at night. Because after that we’ll sleep and our willpower will be recharged for the next day.
  • Blocking all the methods that can give birth to urges which can consume our willpower. For example if you want to resist the temptation to watch porn, you can keep the door of your bedroom open.
  • Replace with new habit.
  • The mindful method = This might sound stupid but it really works. This includes focusing all energy on understanding the URGE. The what, why of all urges that becomes irresistible. By this we’ll understand what really drives us to do that and for us it won’t be a negative problem just a hurdle to overcome as now we know the reason.
  • Enjoy the task : Finally to enjoy and finding pleasure in what you’re doing after using all willpower as it becomes easier to resist further, if the final product is enjoyable.

But again the willpower is like money, which needs to get replenished. And in the next section we’ll discuss about how to recharge it.

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