This post covers the driving force for any goal achieving process . And that is Willpower, about which we discussed a lot in last section.

We have seen what decreases our willpower and steps to prevent it’s de acceleration. Now let’s dive into how can we recharge it.


Surprisingly, good food has lot to do with our good spirits of willpower. Studies have shown less gylcemic food increases our mental health and focus too.

What is meant by low gylcemic food?

Well in simpler terms, the food which takes longer to digest and slowly increasing the blood glucose levels.

This kind of foods will provide us energy throughout the day. Keeping our willpower and mental energy on track.

Switching brain mode.

If you’re constantly engaging in work which requires lot of mental processing or Decision making. You need to switch your brain mode to activities that do not involve high levels of thinking.

Examples of these activities are walk, watching your favorite series, chatting or meditation.


This is the best and most important way to recharge our willpower. Eight hours of sleep is highly recommended as it is paired with glucose metabolism. Which in turns is fuel for our brain and helps us to keep making the right decisions.

Reward yourself

Once done what you thought out to be it’s time to reward with best things you like. This acts as motivation to thrive for more. And boosts our willpower levels.

Forgive your mistakes

If you have done something not according to the plan. Holding in the grudge won’t make it feel better. It will only discourage you to not going forward. Instead learn from the mistakes and correct it.

The last two posts covered the essence of all the disciplined people in the world. And if you lack it how to gain and regain is the main lead. So, treat your brain a little more systemically and see the wonders happening.

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.

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