Army is the most discipline society of our civilization. And the qualities they learn in there for the most extreme conditions of any lifetime. Which are not only at physical but at the mental and emotional level.

We come up with the most prominent qualities that form the base of any army officer character.

  • Regular Sleep

    In most of the army regiment, the lights get off at 10 and they wake around 3-4 AM. Both sleeping early and waking up early is equally important. And if not waken up at correct timings, brutal punishments are followed. For instance, running for 12 KM or waking through sludge.

  • No distraction

    The phone is not even a small part of their lives for the primary reason to focus entirely on their training and development. Also, they don’t require it for any purposes that aren’t part of their profession. So learning from them and keeping ours away this major form of distraction or any other at least till the time your goal isn’t complete will take you to different heights.

  • Do your tasks by yourself.

    From ironing of clothes till polishing of shoes all little and the big tasks are done by the persons individually. They beleive on the purpose that we should be skilled to do fully our jobs and not rely on others.

  • Learning the life skills.

    Living in this modern world where crime rate is all time high. We should learn how to be able to survive in most difficult situations. Skills like self-defence (especially for girls), swimming, living in forests. The list is long here.

  • Discipline

    They live in their uniform and that explains that all. Eating time or doing their tasks these are the minor things but an abstraction from the materialistic world. Even not talking to family members. These minor and major sacrifices make them so strong and disciplined that there’s no coming back. Well, we are not asking you to stop talking to your family but get in the flow of completing your tasks and giving them a priority before anything else.

  • Etiquettes and appearance

    They do focus on looking smart as it increases a man attractiveness. Trim nails, washed and well fit clothes, combed hair as they believe the way we choose to look is a reflection of our personality. And manners of course, they know all the eating, talking or best body language. As there is a skill to do everything right and that skill must be endured to become more as a person even it’s about how to hold the fork.

  • Love over any war

    No one understands the importance of peace and love better than them in this world. They know how much is lost over any battle. Not even the resources but the mental injuries that are with any fight. Same can be seen in life, the fight we pick up with ourselves or others without seeing a peaceful solution gives major wound to both the parties.

  • We are what we eat

    Armies majorly focus on the diet of their soldiers for obvious reasons. But it is essential to know that eating right and healthy is the best gift you could give your body. It t’s your only house till death and if not kept it right, the house will start falling sooner than others.

These people are not called soldiers for any reason. They never live for themselves only for humanity and if we try to endure only half the per cent of thinking this world might be much better place.

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