I have seen throughout my life people talk about doing new things, meeting new people, exploring the world. But why does no body talks about cleaning up your life. The toxins that are engraved in your brain and keep polluting the other parts as well.

Be it people, your past, irrelevant thoughts or bad habits. You must and regularly clean up your life like the way we clean our house, clothes or body. These are just animate things imagine what does a toxic brain does to our very basic life.

Starting from the base

Identify the areas that is major energy demanding processes of your life and identify and write it down if it’s negatively or positively channelized. And then write down steps or try to find solutions that could help to decrease the activities that are negatively identified.


This is the best and most effective way to enjoy and declutter of all the ways possible. As de-cluttering the life doesn’t mean only to the artifical or things of the life but also the mind and our daily thoughts associated with it.

Mindfulness is the activity of living and concentrating on the present task only.

It also helps to develop focus exceptionally. Even religion like Buddhism are focused on being Mindful and so many mediation practices are associated with it.

Overlook at every aspect

Personally, I have study or analyse my life into major these components physical, mental and emotional aspect.

Physical – Whether I take care of my heath, did exercise today. And took proper sleep. You can add other things by your own personal need.

Mental – Mine mental state means if my brain is at good position. If I take good study breaks and analyse of progress at my college and study material. Being a medical student it’s really important part of my to keep track of my studies.

Emotional – Being a human being we really need to have a good state of emotional health. And we should have good flow out of our emotions through any medium. Be it through writing person or anything.

Keeping major state of daily routine in track. We will know what keeps us at choas or peace, Is everything going through our plans. Do we need to deduct something or add a new one to increase our productivity.

Don’t complicate

Complications means the “unnecessary stuff” the weekend parties, junk food, too much of social media, so many open chat boxes. The list is different for each person.

The Artificial aspects

Now coming to the rooms, bills, utensils to clean or any small day to day errands. Completing them each day before going to sleel will give you satisfaction and sense of completion will make you feel unsoiled.

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