If you really want improve the quality of your studies and increase your productivity. Here for free understand each and every point and apply in your life slowly and once for all.

No phone

Maybe you want to use it for searching content while studying online but you can use other devices also. If the only option is a phone then turn it the notification of other mobile applications off especially the social media.

Otherwise, just turn it off and keep it aside and see how you will enhance the study sessions.

No multitask

Maybe playing classical music or any other type can be good for some in the background. But multitasking isn’t really a good option for you. As it’s only one brain which has to do both listening and studying.

Multitasking, in short, decreases the quality of work.

Write notes but complete them

For 3-4 years in my high school, I used to just write my notes and then wonder why am I not getting marks. I used only to revise them at 2 or 1 day before the test. Writing notes is a time-consuming process but it’s of no use when you don’t revise them at many intervals. So, don’t repeat the mistake that I did in high school. Or you’ll keep losing marks and time.

The golden hours

They are from morning at 4 AM till 8 AM. The brain is at full power. You can utilize it fully. And do like 8 hours of work in just four. If you train your mind to wake up and fully concentrate in those hours.

Repetition Schedule

This is the best of all the study hacks. The number of times you revise your stuff is directly proportional to how much you’ll remember it for exams. And if done at proper intervals, you will be successful for transferring it in your long term memory.

This graph represents how much time should be given after every revision cycle.

Google sheets

To track your spaced repetition schedule, Google sheets can be a great aid. You can enter the date and work done today and then calculate all the next cycles.

Prior and on

To study for the lectures or subject periods prior and on the day, of which the topic was covered is the best way to complete each task on regular intervals.

That were little tips that could help a lot if implied. Treat your study as a priority, make audio notes, discuss it with yourself. Keep it at first and decline everything if it’s a hurdle to it.

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