Before proceeding directly to the topic, let’s discuss the art of waking up early. This requires a great amount of effort. The best I could recommend is by planning your day prior, keeping away your alarm clock or phone away. Or asking someone to wake you up. Most important of all you need a purpose. So, make the next day plan in the night in advance.

Talking about my experience, I could be dead but waking up early was impossible for me, but the syllabus of med school could turn you into a beast. So, I have been waking up at 4 AM every day. And never been a better person before.

The perfect morning routine is discussed in one of this blog post-

My personal routine is approximately like this –

  • Half hour meditation
  • Drinking lemonade and banana
  • 2 or 3 hours of studying
  • Then 7-8 is my Exercise + Reading time. ( My favourite time of the day)
  • And of course, followed by heavy breakfast.

How really this schedule has affected me?

The core of waking up early in the morning is that your brain is at its peak performance so your thoughts affect your conscious and subconscious mind prominently.

  • Become wiser. Early in the morning, you’re all alone with yourself. So, this me time emphasize mostly on the thoughts that bother me with most. So, I have thought about the major thoughts wandering on my mind. Managed to come with the solution most of the times. Contrast when you wake up late you get busy with the old schedule and the things bothering you in life, keep going on the whole day as background thoughts.
  • Habits developed me as a whole. Morning habits give you the time to do the best for your life. Be it physical aspect by exercising, mental reading books, listening to positive things, which you wouldn’t have tried to do at normal timing.
  • I felt in control of the day. They say if you start your day right, you most probably end it well. Starting your morning right certainly will create a snowball effect and you’ll try to complete your day with performing almost the majority of tasks. And that’s something, everyone wants.
  • Boosted my energy levels. Waking up early automatically related to sleeping early. Which serves as a healthy habit, as it maintains the natural cycle of the body.
  • And of course productivity. The morning hours are my golden work hours because they have the highest productivity. My brain is working at its best. Plus no one is there to disturb me. You feel fresh after a good sleep. Try just for once and you’ll find the difference between time and quality of work.

These were the major real-life realizations of mine. But the one thing I felt but couldn’t find the logic behind. And it was I felt less and less stressed. Maybe because I was performing better. But it’s for a fact waking up early could do wonders in life.

No matter how bad things are, you can at least be happy that you woke up this morning.

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