First of all I know the title puts it out as I have been a really depressed person but trust me I am not. In my life I have faced various situations where I could have drowned to a dark and sad path but at the same time I have learnt many lessons from these situations.

All these tricks are my personal tricks so maybe they might work for you (nothing wrong in giving a try !!).



This sounds crazy I know!

So, usually when people are sad they listen to sad songs and honestly whenever I do the lyrics are always relatable. I do not know why but it is true. All those words keep piercing deep into my mind and well make me think about the situation or reason again and again and thus pushes me deeper into the sadness.

So here is what I do, I put on the most groovy, party music which makes me happy. And it works! Like for a while I will be like sad but then slowly I will be singing and dancing to the songs and there goes my sorrow.

And it only works temporarily, until your crazy brain starts overthinking again and take you back to the starting line.



I am a quick tempered person so it was easy to upset me and sometimes that anger just converted into sadness. I would get frustrated for no reason and it is just not good. And honestly anger is not really my best friend, I would sometimes hurt people and even after they forgive me I would feel guilty (sometimes more angry on myself) for hurting them.

So I figured out a way. Everyone have different personalities and hobbies. I did what I loved to do, Draw. I sketched !! I would fill the back pages of my notebooks with sketches. And trust me I did some of my best during that time. Its like all that energy converted into creativity.

Funny thing, whenever my mom scolded me to study I would hide my sketch behind a book and be a sneaky one and she would think I am studying but I wasn’t.

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Sometimes the brain overthinks about a situation a lot that you get tired and the only thing that can calm you is SLEEP.

Sleep your worries out !! This will take away your stress and headache. It will also freshen up your mind and not make it think about the same thing again and again.




I always do this. Even if no one cares just put it out there. There is always a person out there who will just listen to you calmly and not judge at all. In my case I have my best friend. Seriously she is the only one who can keep me calm. She is the BEST!

Talking to someone even if there is no solution just puts your mind to an ease. Sometimes balling things up in yourself is just making it worse. You know tiny things keep adding and then becomes a big bomb and thus can lead to depression. So it is best to share it with someone who will listen to you.

And if you do not find someone, You can always email me to:

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