Making most of the moment is one of the most ignored yet felt characteristic of this modern world. We either live in the past or future. And focus in the least where we are actually living and can assert our control.

Little steps towards great living =

  • Think less

    Take the example of college lectures, walking down to home, sitting alone. We spend the most of the time repeating our thoughts in our head. Then at the end of day, think where did the day went. Try to remind yourself not to think. And focus instead on what’s happening. Here is a simple exercise :

  • Challenge yourself

    Our mind are built in a manner where we just move towards thinking. Therefore try to treat it as a challenge. Meaning to give treats on completing the challenge and punishment if the case is opposite. This will lead to the habit formation.

  • Feel fully

    If any thing wrong happens in our life. We are unable to focus on the task in front of us as we ignore the emotions associated with that situation. And This plays in the background, until unless is resolved. And till the time it’s not, accept the feelings and don’t ignore them. Accepting that to feel is okay,you’ll try to focus more efficiently.

  • Savor the moment

    It’s feeling everything happening near you and having postive thoughts about it. If you’re in the lecture, feeling gratitude towards the teacher or study material will have two advantages of increasing the focus and enjoying the present moment.

  • Develop senses

    Anything happening around is perceived through our senses and developing them.

  • Deep breath

  • Do your thing

  • Chore differently

  • Don’t multitask

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