• Introductory to two systems

    System 1 : based on experience to learn and improve. Functions on intuition, automatic and rapidly without any control.

System 2 : requires effort full thinking. Requires reasoning and most important concentration.

System 2 thinks but mostly get interrupted, when the focus is diverted or we become less mindful. And system 1 is mostly activated and we mostly take decisions using this.

The book is mostly trying to imply on considering both the systems and try to use system 2 when chances of making mistakes is high.

  • Attention and Effort

    The system 2 is mostly associated with thinking slow, which drains our energy. More the significant concentration, the more fatigue we feel. But unfortunately we tend to use system 1 for acting and thus make mistakes and laziness is intrigued.

  • Self control

    We tend to ignore the trouble of thinking through the problem and replace with system 2 which doesn’t think much and favour the decisions that pleasure us mostly. Also it is been found that our self control decrease when we are hungry, exhausted or mentally tired. This also emphasizes us to take good care of our mind and body to do our desired work.

  • Association behaviour

    We usually think that our thinking affect our behavior but you would be surprised to find that’s the actual case is vice versa. If we behave in a certain way, our thoughts and emotions will eventually catch up, we can behave our way into feeling. So, you need to achieve something start living the lifestyle that you desire to achieve force yourself to perform the tasks associated to it. And not wait for you to be ready or have the process.

  • The Halo effect

    We easily tend to make opinions about person and usually begin to like or dislike everything about them. Good impressions can cover the negative impressions. Thus we just make an general opinion about them. The problem here is, our intuitive judgements are impulsive and not Clearly through. Stay focused on hard data before you, base your decisions on critical thinking and nit subjective belief. Or you will fall into the trap.

  • Substitution

    Even in making the major life decisions where in ask ourselves about the actions we are doing. We feel more comfortable asking simple but important question. For eg

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