If you’re reading this, you must be very considerate about the things you follow, check onto or maybe you are too free. Whatever the case, this blog may be like other shitty ones around, but if you want something real, honest, unbiased, without under pressure related stuff then reward us with your time and email or recommendations.  Rest content speaks!

Meet our Authors:

Two best friends, both in different countries, both with different ideas and styles come together to present themselves as one,  through BorishPad.

Anvi Saini

A med-student by purpose but writing has always been a passion. I am the blunt one and have written a book based on psychology,” the thing about people”, have few articles in a newspaper. Apart from that, I love to do poetry, so saying writing is engraved in me would not be wrong. 

And the sole purpose of starting this blog is helping or relieving or sharing anything that can impact your life in a good way.

Safaldeep Nehal


My name is Safaldeep Nehal, currently a student at Cleveland State University majoring in Computer Science. I love to write and draw about what I see around. 

My content is always in an open perspective and I respect the fact that everyone’s views do differ. I hope you all enjoy my content and you can always send me your reviews or requests via the official email i.e. borishpad@gmail.com .